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Trauma Resources

Counselling and Support Services

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture 

194 Jarvis St., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON 

416 363-1066 

Services offered: Drop-in, individual and group programs, and mutual support groups to helps survivors  overcome the effects of torture and war.  

The Gatehouse

3101 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto ON 

416 255-5900 

Services offered: Two-phase Adult Support Program – 15-week group sessions covering topics such as triggers  and moving out of isolation, followed by a 16-week group program, which focuses on specific topics and  incorporates trauma-focused yoga, mindfulness living techniques and tai chi to enhance coping skills.  

Eligibility: Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse 

Referral: Self-referral with an initial intake at Gatehouse 

Fees: Group sessions are free 

Sherbourne Health Centre, Counselling Services

333 Sherbourne St., Toronto, ON 

416 324-4100 

Services offered: Individual and group counselling 

Eligibility: Adolescents and adults in Toronto who have experienced abuse and other forms of violence, trauma  and issues related to war, poverty and racism. Primary populations served are LGBTQ, homeless and newcomers, but all are welcome. 

Referral: Self-referral but may be a waitlist of six months or more 

Fees: Free

Toronto Distress Centre – Survivor Support Programs (Suicide and homicide loss) 

416 595-1716 

Services offered: Eight weekly one-on-one sessions followed by group support 

Eligibility: People who have lost someone to a death by suicide or homicide 

Referral: Self-referral 

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre – Multicultural Women against Rape 

416 597-1171 (inquiries), 416 597-8808 (crisis line) 

Services offered: 24-hour crisis line, individual face-to-face counselling, court support and accompaniment,  support groups, public education and workshops

Eligibility: Survivors of sexual violence (welcomes all gender identities and sexual orientations)

Referral: Self-referral 

Fees: Free 

Hospital-Based Services

CAMH Aboriginal Service 

60 White Squirrel Way, 1st floor, Toronto, ON 

416 535-8501 and press 2 (Access CAMH, the centralized intake service) 

Services offered: Separate gendered first-stage trauma 12-session group 

Eligibility: Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, Metis) people 18 years and older with a desire to access an Aboriginal  service and who is already a client with Aboriginal Service 

Referral: Clients can access the service as part of the treatment plan in the Aboriginal Service 

CAMH Concurrent Outpatient Medical and Psychological Addiction Support  Services (COMPASS)

100 Stokes St., Toronto, ON 

416 535-8501 and press 2 

Services offered: Group therapy offered through a trauma-informed lens: includes a 15-week first-stage trauma  group, Seeking Safety for men and women separately 

Eligibility: People with addiction and trauma issues 

Referral: People who have already had an addiction assessment with COMPASS may be referred to Seeking  Safety, but a referral is not required. 

Note: Limited individual therapy

CAMH Rainbow Services

60 White Squirrel Way, Toronto, ON 

416 535-8501, press 2, or ext. 34430 if you are an existing client 

Services offered: Seeking Safety, a first-stage trauma group using CBT that focuses on skill development for  recovery from trauma and substance use (experiences of trauma are not processed in the group). 

Eligibility: LGBTQ clients of the Rainbow Service who have substance use problems and serious childhood  trauma. Clients usually need to complete Rainbow First Stage Group first, and achieve some stability with their  substance use goals in order to prepare for Seeking Safety. 

Referral: From within Rainbow Services, or by COMPASS if a client has completed a comparable early recovery  program. 

CAMH Women and Trauma Service, Integrated Day Treatment Service 

100 Stokes St., 4th floor, Toronto, ON 

416 535-8501, press 2

Services offered: Outpatient program incorporating DBT, psychoeducation, skill building and coaching (Monday,  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – half days) 

Eligibility: Women struggling with the impact of trauma on their lives 

Referral: Physician referral online or referred from a CAMH inpatient program 

Scarborough Hospital – Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre 

3050 Lawrence Ave. East, Scarborough, ON 

416 495-2555 

Services offered: 24-hour emergency care, crisis intervention, forensic care (documentation and evidence  collection), risk assessment and safety planning, acute crisis and individual trauma-based counselling 

Eligibility: Transgendered people over age 12 who have been sexually assaulted or have experienced intimate  partner violence 

Referral: Through emergency departments 

Women’s College Hospital – Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Care Centre 

76 Grenville St., ground floor, Room 1305, Toronto, ON 

416 323-6040

Services offered: Range of services include nurse available 24/7, 24-hour emergency care, referral to community  resources, free counselling, assessment and documentation of injuries and assault history

Eligibility: Women, men and trans people (over age 12) who are survivors of sexual assault and  domestic/intimate partner violence 

Referrals: Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, drop-in

Mount Sinai Hospital – Psychological Trauma Assessment and Consultation Clinic 

600 University Ave., 9th floor, Toronto, ON 

416 586-4800 ext. 8714 

Services offered: Extended assessment and consultation service for trauma. After assessment, a consultation  report is sent to the referring doctor and treatment recommendations are provided. 

Eligibility: 18 years and older 

Referral: Trauma referral form (available by requesting it from the phone number above) must be filled out by  the family doctor or psychologist and faxed to 416 586-8654. 

Note: This is not ongoing treatment. 

Women’s College Hospital – Trauma Therapy Program

76 Grenville St., 9th floor East, Toronto, ON 

416-323-6400 ext. 4863  

Eligibility: Women and men who have survived childhood interpersonal trauma, which may include sexual,  physical or emotional violence and neglect 

Referral: Referral required by a primary health care provider, except for the Women Recovering from Abuse  Program (WRAP), listed under the “Women Only” services that follow. Every newly referred client must attend  an orientation session. An intake interview will then determine the best type of service for the client.

Note: The program does not treat adult trauma reactions to domestic violence, natural disasters, car accidents or  other traumas experienced in adulthood. Some programs require prior therapy for trauma or abuse. 

Services for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Bellwood Health Services – Operational Stress Injuries and Concurrent Trauma  and Addiction Program

175 Brentcliffe Rd., Toronto, ON 

416 495-0926, 1 800 387-6198 

Services offered: 9-week program that includes education about PTSD, strategies to manage symptoms, planning for discharge, anger management 

Eligibility: First responders (e.g., member of the military, veteran, RCMP officer) with PTSD or operational  stress injuries as well as an addiction 

Fee: Fee for service or paid through the employer 

National Center for PTSD

1 800 273-8255, press 1, or text 838255 (veterans crisis line) 

Services offered: Website information about trauma and its effect on family and friends, veterans crisis line

PTSD Coach Canada – mobile app 

Services offered: App that helps you learn about and manage symptoms that can occur after trauma; includes information on PTSD and its treatment, tools for screening and tracking symptoms, easy-to-use tools to help you  handle stress; provides direct links to support. 

St. Joseph’s Healthcare – Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic 

St. Joseph’s Healthcare West 5th Campus, 100 West 5th St., Hamilton, ON 

905 522-1155 ext. 33697 

Services offered: Treatment for PTSD, with booster group sessions following treatment 

Eligibility: Adults 

Referral: Physician referral must be faxed to 905 521-6120 

Women-Only Trauma Services

Assaulted Women’s Helpline 

416 863-0511 (GTA), 1 866 863-0511 

Services offered: 24-hour, seven-day-a-week helpline for women facing domestic violence or abuse. Includes  crisis counselling and emotional support, information (e.g., on safe escape planning) referrals provided for group  and individual counselling, legal clinics, housing 

Eligibility: Women who have experienced abuse 

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic 

489 College St., Suite 503, Toronto, ON 

416 323-9149 ext. 234

Services offered: Free legal services for women who have experienced violence and abuse; transitional and  housing support, individual and group counselling (e.g., sensorimotor, open expressive arts, women empowering  women) 

Eligibility: Women only 

Referral: Self-referral  

Note: Interpretation offered for more than 200 languages; limited child care and tokens for transportation to  program 

COSTI Immigrant Services 

Sheridan Mall, 1700 Wilson Ave., Suite 105, Toronto, ON 

416 244-7714 

Services offered: Trauma group for Spanish-speaking women 

Eligibility: Spanish-speaking women

Etobicoke Children’s Centre – West End Services for Abuse and Trauma 

65 Hartsdale Dr., Etobicoke, ON 

416 240-1111 

Services offered: Group counselling – mindfulness and yoga oriented; individual CBT and EMDR counselling 

Eligibility: Adult program for women survivors of abuse and trauma living in Toronto, with priority to women  who have children under age 18 

Referral: Self-referral 

Note: Waitlist – call for updates.  

Fred Victor – Seeking Safety Group

Several locations in downtown Toronto 

416 644-3081 ext. 3365 

Services offered: Five-session skill-building group for people with traumatic experiences (men only, women  only, co-ed), follow-up group for 10 to 12 weeks 

Eligibility: Men and women aged 20 to 65 who have a history of trauma and a substance use disorder 

Referral: Download the Concurrent Disorders Support Services referral and consent form by going to the Fred  Victor website link above, and clicking on What we do, then Health, then Concurrent Disorders Support Services. You can then click on the form at the bottom of the page, fill it out requesting the Seeking Safety Group, and fax it  to 416 364-8526.  

Fee: None 

Jean Tweed Centre  

215 Evans Ave., Toronto ON 

416 255-7359

Services offered: Trauma-specific services include Building Resilience, a four-week psychoeducational group;  Seeking Safety, a 20-week group about the concurrent impact of trauma, substance use and/or gambling;  Parenting through Trauma, a 10-week group; Trauma Recovery Group, a 16-week group for women with previous  trauma counselling; individual trauma counselling for one year; one-time consultations 

Eligibility: Women with a gambling or substance use concern 

Referral: Self-referral or through a GP 

Note: Has a child care centre, waitlist for individual counselling 

North York Women’s Centre

116 Industry St., Toronto, ON 

416 781-0479 

Services offered: Reclaiming Yourself After Abuse, 10-week support group for women who have experienced  past relationship violence; Women’s Empowerment Series, three-module skill-building programs 

Eligibility: Women only 

Referral: Self-referral 

Note: Can arrange child-minding and address other accessibility needs. Registration required for groups.

Women’s College Hospital – Women Recovering from Abuse Program (WRAP) 

76 Grenville St., 9th floor East, Toronto, ON 

416 323-6400 ext. 4863 

Service offered: Intensive group therapy plus individual therapy for women over age 18 with a history of  childhood abuse. The program runs 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. 

Eligibility: Women over age 18 who identify with a history of childhood abuse. Clients must have had previous  therapy for trauma or abuse and prior group therapy 

Referral: Self-referrals (by phone) as well as referrals form health care professionals 

YWCA of Greater Toronto – Breakthrough  

West Central Toronto and South Scarborough 

416 487-7151 ext. 266 

Services offered: Imagining New Directions, for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or incest;  Healing Through Expressive Arts, for women who have experienced violence or abuse; Stepping into Connection, an open group for women who may be new to group support; Creating Safety and Possibilities, for women  dealing with the effects of intimate partner abuse 

Eligibility: Women who have been abused or harmed by violence 

Referral: Self-referral 

Note: Child care available while attending programs 

Men Only

Canadian Centre for Men and Families 

152 Carlton St., unit 201, Toronto, ON 

Services offered: One-on-one therapy, men’s peer support group, legal assistance, mindfulness meditation and  other supportive services 

Eligibility: Men over age 16, or younger with parental consent. Participants must not be in need of emergency or  crisis services, or detoxification or withdrawal services. 

Referral: Fill out the form on the website to register. 

Canadian Centre for Men and Families 

292 Montreal Rd., Suite 302, Ottawa, ON 

613 518-1065 

Services offered: Fathering after Separation or Divorce Peer Support Group, Emotional Support Peer Group, employment support and resources, reading group, legal information clinic, men’s social group 

Fee: Free 

Fred Victor – Seeking Safety Group 

Several locations in downtown Toronto 

416 644-3081 ext. 3365 

Services offered: Five-session skill-building group for people with traumatic experiences (men only, women  only, co-ed), follow-up group for 10 to 12 weeks 

Eligibility: Men and women aged 20 to 65 who have a history of trauma and a substance use disorder 

Referral: Download the Concurrent Disorders Support Services referral and consent form by going to the Fred  Victor website link above, and clicking on What we do, then Health, then Concurrent Disorders Support Services. You can then click on the form at the bottom of the page, fill it out requesting the Seeking Safety Group, and fax it  to 416 364-8526.  

Fee: None 

Family Services of Peel – Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse 

151 City Centre Dr., Suite 501, Mississauga, ON 

1 855 505-5205, or 905 453-5775 Click on “Services” and then “Counselling. 

Services offered: Individual, group, phone and e-counselling  

Eligibility: Men living or working in the Region of Peel or Toronto who are over age 16 and have experienced  earlier or recent sexual abuse 

Referral: Self-referral 

Fees: Free 

Note: Services in English and French 

A Time for Men 

2489 Bloor St. West, Suite 306, Toronto, ON 

416 432-7725 (Craig Bolton, psychotherapist)

Services offered: 12-week group for men who have been sexually abused; phase 2 group for men who have  completed the 12-week group or have participated in another trauma recovery program; individual therapy 

Eligibility: Men who have been sexually abused; in-person assessment required  

Referral: Self-referral by phone or e-mail above, or e-mail referral by professionals 

Fee: Both groups are free.Individual therapy is $135/session; limited sliding scale appointments available (can be  discussed on an individual basis) 

First Responders and Military

Project Trauma Support 

See website under “Peer Support” for addresses and other contact information of peer support groups in Russell,  Smiths Falls, Ottawa, Kingston, Guelph, Belleville, London, Meaford, Fort McMurray, AB, and Halifax, NS. 

Services offered: Information and support for posttraumatic stress and operational stress injury in military  personnel, veterans and first responders; weekly and bi-weekly peer groups; separate residential experiential  treatment programs for men and women 

Eligibility: Military personnel, veterans and first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics, dispatchers,  corrections officers) coping with the effects of trauma  

Note: Not located in Toronto

Veterans Affairs Canada – Operational Stress Injury Clinics 

St. Joseph’s Healthcare London, 550 Wellington Rd., London, ON 

Regus Business Centre, 4711 Yonge St., 10th floor, Toronto, ON 

Royal Ottawa Hospital, 1145 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON 

St. Joseph’s Healthcare, 100 West 5th St., Level 1, Block B, Hamilton, ON

Services offered: Assessment, treatment, prevention and support 

Eligibility: Serving CAF members, veterans and RCMP members and former member 

Veterans Affairs Canada – Operational Stress Injury Social Support 

Services offered: A national peer support network with peer support co-ordinators who can connect you to  community resources and peer support groups 

Eligibility: Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans with operational stress injuries and their families; see  the website for listings in Ontario 

Trauma Support for Children

Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre – Trauma Recovery Program

325 Milner Ave., Ste 110, Toronto, ON 

416 321-5464 ext. 255

Services offered: Individual and family treatment, trauma assessments and clinical consultations 

Eligibility: Children up to age 11 who have experienced sexual abuse or who display sexualized behaviours 

Referral: By child’s legal caregiver 

Note: Interpreters available 

Child Development Institute – Family Violence Services

197 Euclid Ave., Toronto ON 

416 603-1827

Services offered: Group programs include Here to Help, Mothers in Mind, Child and Adolescent Services for  Trauma 

Eligibility: Women and children who have experienced family violence or other trauma; and children, youth and  families who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse 

Note: Free cultural interpretation for all programs 

Etobicoke Children’s Centre – Child and Family Counselling Services 

65 Hartsdale Dr., Etobicoke, ON (main office) 

200 Ronson Dr., 4th floor, Etobicoke, ON (satellite office and walk-in clinic) 

416 240-1111 (main office), 416 240-1111 (satellite office and walk-in clinic)

Services offered: Counselling for children and youth, families and groups 

Eligibility: Children, youth and their families living, working or going to school in West Toronto where there is  an identified child and youth mental health problem: services are accessed through an intake co-ordinator and  usually begin with an intake interview followed by a single-session consultation. A walk-in clinic is also available. 

Manitoulin Family Resources 

P.O. Box 181, Mindemoya, ON 

705 377-5160, or 1 800-465-6788 

Services offered: Counselling and support for victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse and historical sexual assault using a feminist, client-centred approach  

Eligibility: Women and children in Manitoulin, Espanola and North Shore area: children under age 12 accepted with parental or guardian consent. 

Referral: Through the shelter office, which is open 24/7. The referral will be forwarded to a worker who will call you within two business days to arrange an appointment. Appointments can be made at the office or in the community.