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The Embodied Mind

Wednesdays | September 7th - 28th | 10:30am-12pm EST

Personal experiences, and a growing body of rigorous insights point to a mind-body connection that has significant potential to improve or impede peoples’ lifestyles. What is it about this mind-body feedback loop that makes us feel good, and what practical strategies can we learn from each other to cultivate the benefits of the interconnected nature of movement, mentality, and lifestyle? 

Join Sam Gruszecki (certified Peer Support Worker) and Sydney Vogel (peer mentor and stroke survivor) in a learning journey that blends group and independent learning exercises, didactic teachings, as well as lessons from lived experience. We invite individuals of all backgrounds to collaborate, think critically, apply, and self-reflect on potential pitfalls of a mind-body disconnect as well as the enhancements to their lives when they safely tune into their mind-body connection.