Music Appreciation Group

Thursdays | 3-4pm | July 7th- August 11th 

This group is open to anyone who listens to music. Each week, we check in with each participant to find out what music they are into. After listening to some examples, we will discuss what we liked, disliked and everything in between. Whether it’s a new release or something you’ve listened to for a lifetime, this group provides a platform for discussion about all things music.

Hosted by: Mobile Arts Programming (MAP)



Wes has several years of experience in the music industry as a live sound and audio engineer in addition to playing and writing music himself. He has spent over a decade running youth programming focusing on music and arts based interventions at a bereavement centre. In addition, Wes has facilitated music improvisation groups at various mental health care facilities in Toronto as well as various community arts-based programs.


John has been playing guitar for 27 years, with extensive experience performing live, working as a session musician and performing original material in addition to writing and recording original music. John also has experience running “How To” bicycle workshops, and also runs a portable mechanic/workshop service operating as a mobile mechanic service for various companies to their offices.