Music, the Mind & Healing

Tuesdays | February 15th to March 8th | 5pm-6:30pm

Music is a very important part of many people's lives, and we may wonder why it can affect us so deeply. In this course, we will learn what the science of psychology can say about why we make and enjoy music so much, and how it can help us to cope with life's challenges. We will encounter four topics that music psychologists have explored: Why do we make music? Why do we like music? How do we learn to be musical? And, can making music be healing? Using lots of examples of musical works and accounts of the experiences of musicians and music fans, we will learn how psychologists can help us to better understand our musical selves, and how we might experience music more richly.



Week 1

- The Origins and Evolution of Music

- Music and the Brain

Week 2

- Expectation and Emotion in Music

- Composition Reflection and Discussion

Week 3

- Enculturation in Music

- Musical Abilities

- Introduction to Music Therapy

Week 4

- Course Reflection and Discussion

This course is taught by an experienced composer and music psychologist, Jason Cullimore and co-facilitated by Brandon Shannelly.